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  • Susie Watering Flowers
    Susan Allison has been working in Manhattan since 1993. She is known for a style that delicately balances lushness and simplicity, with a flair for using color in a simple organic way. Susan holds a degree in Botany and Ecology from the University of South Carolina, and she spent several years working in a professional greenhouse which specialized in orchids and perennials.

    Though it might seem an unlikely setting for a southern girl, Susan has loved New York City since she arrived here sixteen years ago, and brings a balance of her lushly green southern roots to the unique environment of Manhattan living. Susan has thrived in New York and enjoys the challenges and the opportunities the city brings.

    "It is exciting to work with each individual client in their personal space and add a bit of nature and softness," says Susan, "and I think we all need that when we live in an urban environment."

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